Top creator economy investment funds

Top creator economy investment funds
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The creator economy has exploded over the past decade, with more and more people becoming self-employed in some way. As these creators have gained popularity, they've also been able to make a living off of their work. However, there are still many challenges for them to overcome before they can truly benefit from this status quo shift. One of those challenges is funding; even if you're making money from your art or products, there's no guarantee that it will last forever—or that your audience won't move on to someone else's work one day soon. To help creators overcome these hurdles and secure their futures as entrepreneurs, VCs are investing heavily into startups that specialize in supporting creators' needs. In this article we will talk about some of the creator economy funds that have attracted the most attention.

Creator Fund

Creator Fund is a venture capital firm that invests in media and entertainment companies. The company was founded in 2017 by Kevin Spacey, Dana Brunetti and Chris Moore.

The fund has invested in films like Baby Driver, The Post and Us. Its most recent investment was into Jash's comedy network, which will produce original content for the upcoming web-based platform Jash Studios.

Collab Inc.

This company is a creator-owned media company founded in 2009, and it has raised more than $200 million in funding. The Collab Inc. portfolio includes over 50 companies and organizations, including content creators:

  • Jenna Jameson, who was recently named number one on CNBC's list of Top 10 Influencers of 2019;
  • Netflix competitor Redbox Instant which was acquired by Amazon;
  • Nuzzel - a social news app that lets you share articles with your friends;
  • Fullscreen Media Group that is the multi-platform network.

Lachy Groom Fund

Lachy Groom Fund is a venture capital fund that invests in early-stage companies.

The firm focuses on businesses with a global impact, and it typically makes investments of $2 million or less in each company.

The Lachy Groom Fund invests in companies based in the U.S., UK and Australia.

X-Factor Ventures

X-Factor Ventures is a venture capital fund that provides up to $1 million in investment for creators. The company has funded over 200 creators since its founding, with investment ranging from $500K to $1M. Creators can pitch their business plans on the X-Factor site and if they're approved by the board of directors, they'll have access to investment funds.

To qualify for funding, you must have tangible assets that can be valued by investors or sizable audience numbers.

Kerning Cultures

Kerning Cultures is a venture capital fund that invests in the creator economy. It was founded by Singaporean entrepreneur Alvin Tay, who also serves as its managing partner. In an interview with TechCrunch, Tay said that he started the VC fund to "put money into creators who have great ideas and are creating value with those ideas."

The firm has invested in over 100 startups since it launched in 2013, including Singapore-based companies such as lingerie brand Dear Kate, fintech startup MoneySmart (which was acquired by N26), and Pokémap creator Ground Truth Games.

There are a number of different funds investing in creators, some with successful track records and others that have yet to prove themselves. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to know what kinds of investments are being made in the creator economy or someone who wants to invest in a company that will make a difference, this list is for you. We hope this guide has given you some insight into what these funds might look like if they’re right for your company.

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