Private Equity List major update!

Private Equity List major update!

Hey all, this is Private Equity List!

We updated our website and made it lighter, easier to use and added some new functions:

  • Export function
  • Updated view 10, 50 or 100 funds per page
  • Design update
  • Google and LinkedIn sign in
  • Get your invoices from the customer portal

We got some more in stock and really working a lot to make the product better (API, databases stats, PE/VC funds map).

If you got any suggestions, please write to

But before we start...

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Now to the updates:

1) Export funds info to CSV

A lot of you asked for export functions - and here it is!

Now you can export up to 300 funds per month, soon we will implement a function to buy credits if you run out of 300 funds and something else maybe. This is available for Pro+ users.

To use the feature open the database, customize your search, choose the funds you want to export and click Export in the top right corner. You’ll get the file in CSV format in just seconds.

And there is a number on the search page showing how much you have left (just below Region filter)

2) Customize Your View: Now Show 10, 50, or 100 Funds

We have also introduced a new feature that allows you to choose the number of funds you want to display at once - see lower right corner. Whether you prefer a more focused view with 10 funds, a broader perspective with 50 funds, or a comprehensive overview with 100 funds, it's entirely up to you. 100 funds are easier to export by the way.

3) Design Update: Clear, Transparent, and Easy-to-Use

We invested in a fresh and modern design update and removed all clutter, many words and made uniform style for all pages. Navigation now is easier due to intuitive and user-friendly interface. Now it has a better layout, refined typography, and improved colour schemes so you can easily find the investors you need. Try it out now at!

4) Sign in via Google and LinkedIn

We have a lot of corporate users, but there are a lot of you who use Gmail and LinkedIn daily. Therefore now it is possible to log in via Google and LinkedIn. No need to remember Private Equity List password this way!

5) Customer portal integration

Now there is Customer portal integration in your accounts settings, where you can find your invoices. Just go and click Manage subscriptions.

As we continue to enhance the Private Equity List, your feedback remains invaluable to us. Please don't hesitate to reach out with your thoughts, suggestions, and comments. We're dedicated to making your PE/VC funds research as smooth and successful as possible.