Italy private equity and venture capital (PE & VC) market map

Italy private equity and venture capital (PE & VC) market map

We compiled an extensive Italy private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) market map that shows key Italy investors and investment funds. We hope this is useful for your startup fundraising. Find below the list of investors from the market map and links to their websites.

Italy lags behind in terms of venture capital-backed startup ecosystem due to its conservative economic structure. However, there is a significant increase in venture capital and angel investments recently. Despite Rome being the capital city, the country’s economic powerhouses Lombardia and Piedmonte regions lead the way both in terms of investment funds and startups. Milan and Turin are the two major hubs in these regions, while the latter pushing hard to become a prominent smart city and a hotbed for tech startups. Italian venture capital industry is nascent compared to its European peers. Innogest Capital, P101, United Ventures, LVenture Group are among the most active players. Italian Angels for Growth is the main angel investor network. Fintech, e-commerce, Biotech, and Medtech are top fields that attract venture capital and angel investors most. Italian Startup Act was launched in 2012 to nurture innovation and attract more entrepreneurs. It has tax incentives for investors. Getting an entrepreneur visa and setting up a new company became easier. National agency to attract foreign investors, Invitalia, provides interest-free loans with innovative startups for projects up to 1.5 million euros. In 2018, startups raised $580 million in funds. The total amount of private equity and venture capital investments was $10.9 billion. Two-thirds of this amount were made through mega deals of CVC Capital Partners, PSP, StepSton3, Alpinvest, GIP and KKR. Bain Capital and Tamburi Investment Partners were among the mid-market investors.

Italy PE/VC list
Italy PE/VC market map

The funds present on the market maps are:

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