LGBTQ & Minorities private equity and venture capital (PE & VC) Funds market map with focus on small/mid cap funds

LGBTQ & Minorities private equity and venture capital (PE & VC) Funds market map with focus on small/mid cap funds

We compiled an extensive LGBTQ & Minorities private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) market map that shows key LGBTQ & Minorities investors and investment funds. We hope this is useful for your startup fundraising. Find below the list of investors from the market map and links to their websites.

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LGBTQ & Minorities market overview (market map is below it):

In recent years, the world of private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) has witnessed a remarkable shift towards inclusivity and diversity. One significant area of focus has been the emergence of LGBTQ and minority-focused funds, aiming to support startups belonging to these communities. In this blog post, we will delve into the key market trends of LGBTQ and Minorities PE/VC funds across different regions, shedding light on their impact and growth. Let's embark on this journey of innovation and inclusion!

North America:

  • Rising Valuations: LGBTQ and minority-led startups in North America are experiencing a surge in valuations, driven by increased investor interest and recognition of their unique perspectives and market opportunities.
  • Series A Support: Numerous LGBTQ and minority-focused funds have been actively investing in early-stage startups, providing vital Series A funding to fuel growth and expansion.
  • Accelerator Programs: Accelerators tailored specifically for LGBTQ and minority entrepreneurs have gained popularity, offering mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to foster success.
  • Series B Momentum: LGBTQ and minority-led firms that have successfully secured Series A funding are witnessing a strong momentum in Series B rounds, attracting larger investments and enabling scale.


  • Diverse Investor Landscape: European PE/VC funds have been actively diversifying their portfolios by investing in LGBTQ and minority-led startups, acknowledging the potential for innovation and market disruption.
  • Government Support: Several European countries have introduced initiatives and grants aimed at supporting LGBTQ and minority entrepreneurs, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for startups to thrive.
  • Incubation Programs: Incubators catering to the LGBTQ and minority communities have emerged, offering guidance, infrastructure, and access to capital to nurture early-stage ventures.
  • Cross-border Collaborations: Partnerships between European and North American LGBTQ and minority-focused funds are on the rise, fostering international connections and enabling access to a broader pool of resources.


  • Cultural Transformation: In many Asian countries, LGBTQ and minority inclusion in PE/VC funds is gaining traction, signifying a progressive shift towards embracing diversity and fostering innovation.
  • Startups with Social Impact: Investors in Asia are increasingly drawn towards LGBTQ and minority-led startups that address pressing social issues, leveraging innovation to drive positive change.
  • Series A Investment Surge: LGBTQ and minority-focused funds in Asia are actively funding Series A rounds, recognizing the potential for exponential growth and market disruption in these ventures.
  • Technological Innovation: LGBTQ and minority entrepreneurs in Asia are leveraging technology to solve local challenges, attracting interest from PE/VC funds seeking high-potential startups.

In conclusion, the rise of LGBTQ and minority-focused PE/VC funds is an encouraging sign of progress, enabling the untapped potential of underrepresented entrepreneurs to flourish. With increasing valuations, dedicated accelerators, government support, and cross-border collaborations, the ecosystem is evolving to create a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial landscape. As these trends continue to shape the global PE/VC space, we can look forward to witnessing groundbreaking innovations and transformative startups that drive social impact while delivering exceptional returns on investment.

LGBTQ & Minorities Market Map

The funds present on the market maps are:

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