💸How to attract investments: 10 tips from VC professionals - part 2

💸How to attract investments: 10 tips from VC professionals - part 2

In the dynamic and competitive environment of startups, securing funding is often a crucial step towards turning vision into reality. In this article, we present ten invaluable tips curated from the minds of seasoned venture capital professionals, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to funding success. Whether you're a startup founder or an emerging innovator, these words of wisdom will serve as a beacon to unlock the doors of opportunity and forge a path towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

Mukul Mohanty, Partner at Conviction VC, sell-side and fundraising specialists:

"Have a clear narrative, product, proposition, differentiator and a business plan (on how you will spend the funds and what it will bring to the business)"

Mukul Mohanty

Tzakhi Freedman, Founder of Meet.Capital and Native Lead:

"Start building and growing your network of investors way ahead of time, by reaching out to investors, and getting their advice and feedback. Do it proactively, don't rely on getting introductions, you will run out of those faster than you think"

Tzakhi Freedman

Ben Stokes, Founding Partner, Chasing Rainbows:

"My best advice is to understand what the investor's criteria are before asking them for an investment. Essentially, do research. You want to give that investor no reason to say no when you meet them"

Ben Stokes

Lancelot Cadet, VC Investor @ Evolem:

"Meet and engage VCs before the roadshow, so that you can identify the good partners for your business and understand and anticipate their expectations"

Lancelot Cadet

Sahil Chopra, General Partner at Simsan Ventures:

"If you're raising capital from VCs at the early stage, I would recommend demonstrating that you have exhausted all avenues of non-vc funding before and have been successful e.g grants, accelerators, universities, loans etc. I like founders who have won funding from these routes before, it shows conviction and that you have convinced others to back your concept before"

Sahil Chopra

Tomáš Blaťák, CPO at Leadspicker:

"Try to target relevant VCs that invest in your industry and region, and typically process investment sizes that match what you're seeking. Reaching out to all investors via a spray and pray approach doesn't make sense - you could damage your reputation with this tactic. Also, keep in mind that fundraising is a process that takes months, not just weeks, so be patient! You need to build relationships with your future investors first"

Tomáš Blaťák

Faith Lee, Medic @UCL:

"Do thorough research about the investor or VC firm that would be the best fit for your startup. make sure their values align with yours as it would be a tight collaboration and you wouldn't want to work with someone who doesn't care about your startup. Also network and talk to them, you'll get a better idea of who they are like and what their expectations are. find out if they can support you with other things besides money eg. mentorship, support and network"

Faith Lee

Henry Gordon-Smith, CEO Agritecture:

"Cultivating a successful funding journey as a CEO requires a strategic approach that intertwines passion and pragmatism. Clearly articulate your vision, demonstrating unwavering dedication to the mission. However, avoid getting lost in grandiose ideas; instead, back your vision with meticulous research and data, showcasing a realistic path to profitability and scalability. Investors seek confidence in a well-rounded leader who understands their market inside out. Stay informed about industry trends, customer needs, and your competition. Leverage this knowledge to differentiate your venture and position it as a lucrative opportunity"

Henry Gordon-Smith

Giorgi Burduli, Co-founder & Chairman - Georgian Progress Group:

"Go beyond money and understand what additional value the investor is bringing to your company and which doors they can open for your team in the future"

Giorgi Burduli

Andreas Munk Holm, Founder of EUVC, Angel Investor and VP with Isomer Capital

"Now more than ever, founders should make sure they understand the VC model and that they fit into it. There's no easy money going around anymore"

Andreas Munk Holm

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