Canada private equity and venture capital (PE & VC) market map

Canada private equity and venture capital (PE & VC) market map

We compiled an extensive Canada private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) market map that shows key Canada investors and investment funds. We hope this is useful for your startup fundraising. Find below the list of investors from the market map and links to their websites.

Canada has a very advanced Private Equity and Venture Capital markets with huge number of institutional investors, as well as Angel investors and accelerators. Many investors in Canada are located in Toronto (Ontario), but also in other large cities, such as Vancouver (British Columbia), Edmonton (Alberta), Calgary (Alberta), Montreal (Quebec) and Ottawa (Ontario). Canadian PE/VC/Angels invest in various sectors, there are both generalist and specialist investors targeting certain industries, such as Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure and Real Estate. Canadian investors follow the footsteps of the US market and provide funds to companies and startups at different stages, including seed, growth financing, mezzanine, LBO and MBO deals with low to mid-cap deals being the most popular. Unlike in the US and most of other countries, many active private equity investors in Canada are PE arms of Canadian pension funds.

Canada PE/VC list
Canada market map

For more information on investment funds (their investment criteria, funds sizes, region preferences and etc.) in Canada go to CanadaPE/VC funds database on

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