A Rough Guide to Crypto Venture Capital As Spending Hits New Heights

A Rough Guide to Crypto Venture Capital As Spending Hits New Heights
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A Rough Guide to Crypto Venture Capital As Spending Hits New Heights

Crypto and blockchain are hot topics in VC firms. Many venture capital companies are looking to get a slice of the pie as cryptocurrency blockchain and related technologies grow.

Reports on recent investments show that the spending on cryptocurrency ventures hit billions of dollars monthly. Investors are looking to ensure that they don’t miss the boat when the next version of Bitcoin or a similarly revolutionary technology comes along.

VC firms may have a big focus on finding growing businesses and putting money behind them but they may specialize in different rounds of funding and different stages of company-building. If these companies do go on to grow and their share price increases the venture capitalists make a profit as a result. Venture capitalists play a key role in many businesses and while people tend to think of them in conjunction with Silicon Valley they are based all over the world.

Blockchain and crypto are already having a huge impact and this is tipped to continue so there could be opportunities for VC firms that find the next big thing.

Types of Companies in the Crypto and Blockchain Industry

Blockchain’s development gave us an industry that has a lot of different forms of companies performing different roles. So we’re not just talking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. People who think about investing in crypto may think of investing in mining or the currencies themselves but in the business world VCs are looking to invest in the businesses that are operating in this space.

Online gambling is one example of a business that uses the technology of crypto as part of its fundamental operations. People who are involved with online gambling are turning to cryptocurrency in big numbers partially due to the fact that there are distinct benefits. Crypto transactions may be faster and more secure as well as having low fees this means that players may choose this as the way to deposit funds into their betting accounts. Online casino brands were some of the first to notice the changes in consumer behavior and some crypto casinos quickly launched after the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized finance can be used in the gambling industry as a way to make the process of moving funds quicker as well as cheaper and more efficient. You may know how frustrating waiting around for funds to clear can be.

Blockchain companies those that are actually creating the technology that keeps the fabric of crypto together are also being invested in quite a lot by some of the VCs out there. Many of these blockchain companies are attracting investment as they have found new ways to do things or they provide an innovation of some sort. Blockchain companies are a bit like manufacturers of engines they’re the ones keeping the crypto ‘vehicle’ on the road and if one develops a new way to do things then there could be big changes.

Blockchain’s whole infrastructure is still growing so it is little wonder that people are trying to predict which of the companies will potentially make a leap forward. Auradine is a company that recently attracted a lot of funding as they promise to revolutionize the whole infrastructure.

From payment processing and digital wallets to casinos gaming brands tokenization brands and more crypto isn’t just about some new forms of finance it is about a totally new way we live our lives especially if you explore the benefits of blockchain. Loads of startups in the industry are making a splash at the moment.

How Do Funding Rounds Work?

People often hear the terms related to funding and venture capital and don’t fully understand what they mean. Funding tends to come in rounds. Seed funding is the first of these rounds and it normally involves smaller investments from angel investors friends family or early-stage VC firms because the companies at this point are often smaller. Money raised in the seed round is used to develop a prototype conduct market research build a team and of course grow from the “seed” into something much bigger.

If a crypto company then reaches a point where it can prove its product or profitability and achieve some traction in the market it may raise a Series A round of funding. This round can sometimes attract larger investments from VC firms and other institutional investors; they're more likely to be interested once they see the proof of concept. Any money raised is used to scale the business. New shares can be issued to new investors which provides a way for them to take ownership in the future and more funding can be issued in the next rounds.


In 2024 for the first time blockchain and crypto VC investment topped $1 billion for two months in a row. Decision-makers have made their minds up that blockchain and DeFi tech is here to stay. Now it is a case of finding the businesses with potential.